15 Trashiest Humans of 2020

  1. This person puts an entire restaurant in danger:

2. This person did even more damage by leaving a note:

3. This person doesn’t seem to comprehend the whole “rest in peace” thing.

4. This person one-upped Scrooge.

5. This person draped their baby over a chair like a coat.

6. This person’s bumper sticker should probably be illegal.

7. This person took petty to a disgusting level.

8. This person could have gotten herself — and multiple others — killed for a nail selfie.

9. This person asked a grieving mother to pay her back for the gift she’d gotten the baby, who had just died.

10. This person who is spending their children’s money on a habit that puts them at risk.

11. This person honestly should have just kept that whole shovel part to themselves (and FTR is a bad parent).

12. These people didn’t give a tip because their waiter refused to enable them.

13. This person thinks they’re seeing the big picture, but they’re really not.

14. This person pretended they had a disability, just so they wouldn’t have to wear a mask.

15. And to end things right, Mike.

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