Billie Eilish Lost Bunch Of Followers For Posting This On Her Instagram! See Her Perfect Response

One of her fan has estimated that she lost around 100K Followers For Posting Nude Drawings On Her IG

But Billie Doesn’t Give A Sh*t

This all started when the singer decide to do a viral instagram challenge where your followers tell you what photo they want to see. One fan asked her to share a photo of a drawing she is really proud of which led to Billie sharing a photo from her sketch book.

What was in the photo you ask? Well, see for Yourself!

Billie, who is the most followed person on Instagram instantly started losing followers after she posted nude photos on her IG story. Fans were quick to notice though! One of her fans posted this on Twitter! Taking note of her declining followers.

But instead of publicly apologizing she made it very clear in a follow-up post that she gave no sh*t about it. Here’s the follow-up post

“LMFAOOO”, she wrote on her post, alongside a screenshot of the Twitter post we just mentioned, which shows her dipping follower count

Here’s a friendly reminder though. It’s 2021 Y’all should not be getting angry about nipples, everybody got a pair! Get over it!

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